Nusrat Teachers Updated on Teaching Methodologies

Teachers at Nusrat senior secondary school in Bundung on Friday 12th February 2010 received training on Teaching Methodologies at school grounds. The training according the Vice Principal of the school Mr George K. Annan is meant to update the instructors on better teaching methods. “We hope that at the end of the training, teachers will continue to do their duties in much ease. I implore you all to take it serious so that the purpose is not defeated.

Mrs. Inkeri Book, the trainer is a lecturer in Teaching Methodologies at Nalardalens University in Eskeltuna, Sweden. She said there is no specific approach to teaching and that one should hold fast to one form of teaching because the world is changing. “In different learning environments, we as teachers should use different teaching methodologies. Without this in mind, we are doomed to fail.

 Mrs. Inkeri went to say “Our teaching methodologies should make sure that students are being exposed to a holistic education experience in an active and dynamic learning environment, giving them the opportunity to find and realize their potential, and to achieve excellence. Instructional strategies should be student-centered and include active learning, inquiry, experience-based learning, cooperative and participatory learning activities. Such a style will encourage the students to enjoy lessons, try out new things and to think creatively and independently.

At the end of the training I spoke to some participants, Mr. Omar Jammeh is a teacher in Geography at Nusrat, “It was very educative and interactive. We have learned a lot and there is no doubt that it will help us a lot in delivering up to expectations, he said.

“A positive teaching and learning environment is the collective responsibility of all, the teachers, students and parent. Parents should mind out a lot about what their children do. Students should be well motivated and parents also play an important role in this regard.

Asked what is behind the success story of Nusrat, Mr. Jammeh said “It is all possible because of commitment. The administration is doing all it can to give a conducive learning environment. Our students are also very discipline and academic oriented.

Mr. Jammeh finally advised all students to take their education seriously, noting that on them lies the future of our country. “Keep burning the midnight oil and continue on the search for knowledge both within and outside the classrooms. For it is only with knowledge and discipline they (the students) will be able to be the architects of their destinies.

In delivering the vote of thanks, Mr. Sainey Jallow of Nusrat hailed the trainer for what he described as “a wonderful presentation”. He called on his fellow participants to make the best use of the knowledge gained.  

 Nusrat is regarded as one of the best senior secondary schools in the Gambia. It has produce impressive results over the years, making it the highest supplier of intakes to the University of the Gambia. The school is an institution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at.


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