Gambia Government Reiterates Commitment to Press Freedom

Ministerial Statement Preaches Non-partisan Reporting
The government of the Gambia through the ministry of Communication, Information Technology has reiterated its commitment to media freedom. ‘A free and independent press is the lifeblood of a strong, functioning society, and a lifeline to progress itself.’ the statement noted.
Aisha Davies, Gambia’s director of Information Services was speaking on behalf of the Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology at the opening session of a week-long training on international standards on press freedom. The training held from the 3rd to 7th October 2011, is organized by Article 19 in partnership with the Gambia Press Union and funded by the European Commission.
‘Freedom of the press is very essential in maintaining a form of government that can be trusted by the people it serves. Ms. Aisha Davies was also quick to add ‘As journalists, you are supposed to be non-partisan; not bring your personal biases into your professional lives and make sure you weed out the sensation and focus on what matters.’
The Gambia is a state to many international instruments guaranteeing the promotion and protection of freedom of expression but international organization such as Article 19, Amnesty International to name but a few consider the tiny west African state non-press friendly. There exist a wide bridge between theory and practice as far a press freedom and freedom expression is concerned.
This statement comes barely weeks before Gambians to the polls to either re-elect the incumbent or elect a new president. While many analysts believe that with an advantage of contesting against a divided opposition Jammeh is favoured to win the polls, he has already declared that victory for him in the November polls is a foregone conclusion.


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