The Gambia Gets New Presidential Affairs Minister

Election poster for Yahya Jammeh

Election poster for Yahya Jammeh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mustapha Charles Camara has been appointed Presidential Affairs Minister with effect from today Monday 31st December 2012, a media dispatch from the Office of the President has revealed. According to news monitored over the Gambia Radio and Television Services (TV) 20:00gmt newscast, Madi Jatta newly appointed Acting Secretary General and Head of the Civil Services is also confirmed in his post. Mr Jatta is also appointed to the position of Deputy Minister for the said ministry.


The Ministry of Presidential Affairs was established earlier this (2012) with Njgu Bah serving as minister until recently when he was re-assigned as Minister for Information, Communications and Infrastructure. Mr Bah until his new assignment was the Secretary General and Minister for Presidential Affairs. Mustapha Charles Camara has served as principal policy analyst, State House, Office of the President in 2010 and later as Undersecretary of Presidential Office Building.


Cabinet reshuffles have become a feature of the Jammeh administration, with some commentators reporting that the APRC under the leadership of President Jammeh has recycled over 200 ministers, permanent secretaries, deputy permanent secretaries, directors and other senior civil servants since he came to power about 18 years ago.


“It is such that hiring and firing of ministers and other senior civil servants is no longer news to us,” an analyst said.





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