The Mediterranean crisis: a global challenge?

Overloaded migrant boats. Photo:

Overloaded migrant boats. Photo:

The statistics are scary. The world is watching. The politicians and policy makers (or should I say talkers, please excuse my language) either in Addis Ababa (African Union headquarters), Brussels (European Union capital) or New York (home of the United Nations) are NOT doing enough. For most of these organisations, they only convene on an issues after the loss of lives.

Scary statistics, photo:

Scary statistics, photo:

According to data, the 2015 death rate of 1750 irregular migrants is 20 times it’s corresponding figures last year. But even these statistics are mere estimates. No one knows precisely the actual number of victims. Our policy makers do not even know how many are en route, how many have made it, not to mention the number of those who will make the journey. How can they solve the problem?

How can we avert the Mediterranean tragedies? While the EU is considering tripling funding for search and rescue, the UN is contemplating military action against the smugglers (particularly in Libya) and the AU is doing great by simply doing nothing, they are still missing the point. And wait for it, I know about the Arab League (they are probably busy counting oil money).

Whereas their course of action suggest a desperate mood and may reduce the flow of migrants and consequently migrant tragedies, the best course of action is to nip this problem in the bud. How? Simply stop these immigrants from emigrating, keep them in their respective countries. Am I serious? Yes, I am indeed serious.

Many are reportedly fleeing either conflict or poverty. Help bring about relative peace and stability (at the very least) in the conflict ridden and war turn regions and support business and investment in poverty stricken countries. While this may sound ridiculous, I am optimistic that if you focus your expertise, energy and resources on this course of action, success will come our way. And let me say, the amount of money being spent on other priority areas can go a long way in starting this project. And let me say, for this to work, all hands should be on deck. Probably you (I mean the talkers) know better.

Think this through and feel free to drop a morpheme, word, phrase, sentence or paragraph in the comments box. It is free!


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